Sports Law/Representation

McHale Muldoon sports division represents sports professionals, amateur athletes, sporting bodies and businesses investing in sport.

We pride ourselves in bringing a more ethical, reliable, credible and professional way than others in the marketplace. We bring the transparency and professionalism of a law firm into the world of sport to help focus on what matters: success both on and off the field of play.

Player care and club support, through our range of products, services and sporting contacts, makes us an unrivalled proposition when choosing representation whether that be acting for a player or on behalf of a sports body.

McHale Muldoon’s sister firm in the UK, McHale & Co solicitors, have acted for many sports professionals and clubs over the last 10 years including the areas of transfer negotiations, contracts and legal representation on behalf of clubs, claims for injured players, obtaining work permits, acting for players in property transactions and before the courts.

It is upon this firm foundation that we have built the McHale Muldoon Sports Division.

At McHale Sports, our sole aim is to allow our clients to perform to the best of their ability throughout the duration of their career. We understand that a sports career is relatively short, and therefore we aim to make it as successful off the pitch, as it is on the pitch.


Our experience and hard work will ensure an industry leading level of service.