Media Law

Our media lawyers use our experience and expertise to help our media clients in a variety of matters.

We defend and prosecute claims on behalf of media organisations and we also assist such clients with contract advice and negotiation and intellectual property protection. In an age where dissemination of information worldwide can occur instantaneously, speed and efficiency of legal response is crucial and we can provide this for your business.


Whether you are a print media company, an advertising agency, a PR company or a sponsorship consultancy firm, we can advise you on a wide range of media issues as outlined below;

• Broadcasting rights & agreements
• Censorship
• Clearance Rights
• Contempt of Court
• Client/Agency Agreements & Consultancy Agreements
• Defamation
• Employee & Consultancy contracts
• Intellectual Property Protection & Infringement
• Marketing and Advertising regulations, codes of practice and legislation
• Pre-publication advice
• Protection of Confidential Information & Trade Secrets
• Social Media, including social media policies
• Sponsorship Contracts
• Endorsement & Merchandising Agreements

To find out how we can assist you, call our Dublin office today and arrange a free consultation on 01 659 9405.