Equine Law and Horse Racing

Horse-riding and working with horses is an extremely popular and large sector in Ireland, with many passionate people involved with horses in different contexts.  At McHale Muldoon we understand the importance of equestrianism as a way of life to many people.

However, it goes without saying that working with animals on a daily basis is not without its risks. Even a minor accident whilst riding or handling a horse can be devastating. Numerous parties are potentially liable for ensuring our safety around horses. If this protection is missing or flawed you could be entitled to make a claim.


Due to its niche nature, equine law is an area which needs specialist advice. Our dedicated solicitors will defend your case and fight on your behalf to ensure the best outcome for your claim.

Our equine lawyers have years of experience specialising in equestrian related accidents and can advise on a number of services including:

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There is no greater time to take care and seek advice when entering into an equine agreement and/or contract. Seeking advice on a contract, before agreeing to any transaction is extremely important in both ensuring what occurs is what you want to occur and to protect your interests and investment if a dispute arises.

McHale and Co have the expertise to provide advice to clients who own one horse to those who have invested large sums of money in equestrianism. We provide essential advice to all clients to protect their interests and investments in equestrian agreements. We provide advice in relation to all types of equestrian agreements, including:

  • finance agreements;
  • racecourse agreements;
  • syndicate agreements;
  • leasing agreements;
  • sale and purchase contracts;

Should you wish to discuss an equestrian agreement, please contact us.

Even when parties take appropriate legal advice and draft a suitable equestrian agreement, disputes will inevitably arise in some cases. As in any other area of business, disputes can arise due to numerous reasons. Due to our wide-ranging experience in other areas of commercial law, combined with our knowledge of equine dispute resolution, we are in a unique position to provide clients with commercial and bespoke advice in this ever-developing area.

Examples of equine disputes include:

  • sale and purchase of a horse
  • equestrian contract disputes
  • insurance issues
  • employee issues
  • negligent treatment of a horse

Whether you are an individual horse owner or multi-million pound equestrian investor, the most important step to take at the outset of a dispute is to establish your legal rights and obligations. You will save time and money in the long run if you seek advice from the outset in order to clarify the position. We pride ourselves on our straight-forward practical approach on advising clients in equestrian law disputes.

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There are various equestrian-specific regulatory frameworks which apply to equestrianism and horse racing. These include those imposed by a regulatory body, such as Horse Sport Ireland or the Turf Club as well as those regarding welfare on animals under the Protection of Animals Act. Although they may not all be relevant to you, it is important to cut through the red tape and be informed as to which are the most relevant to you.

There are also general regulatory areas such as complying with employment law requirements, meeting standards set by the Health and Safety Executive and protecting yourself regarding occupiers liability.

At McHale Muldoon we provide advice both on complying with regulations, to avoid the need for enforcement as well as advising and defending clients in relation to regulatory enforcement action brought against them.

We pride ourselves on our practical and commercially focused approach to clients. We are able to draw on our experience from a wide range of practice areas, as well as equestrianism to provide you with a complete legal services.

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As in any area of business, it is important to protect your interests regarding property and land which you have or are acquiring an interest in. We draw on our specific equestrian experience as well as our general practice experience to provide you with clear advice regarding property and land.

Regarding property, we provide advice in relation to all aspects of equine businesses such as sales, purchases, mergers and acquisitions. We also provide advice on the creation and management of equine businesses by way of our expertise in drafting and advising on partnership agreements, articles of association and shareholder agreements.

Regarding land, we provide advice on all aspects of dealings with lands for equestrian purposes such as racecourses, stable and stud farms such as licensing, development, sales and purchases.

Before entering into any agreement regarding property or land it is of paramount importance to obtain legal advice before doing so in order to advance and protect your interests. At McHale Muldoon we have the necessary experience and commercial knowledge to advise you appropriately.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of equestrian property or land, please contact us.