Media Law

Individuals often require advice from us in the media sector whether it be negotiating and drafting a sponsorship or endorsement agreement, instructing us to undertake litigation in order to protect and vindicate their reputation or advising on intellectual property rights.

Image rights and privacy law is a grey area in this jurisdiction and we have the expertise to advise clients in these areas.

Guernsey recently introduced the world’s first image rights registry whereby individuals, companies and groups can register their image rights on a public record and can use this registration to protect and exploit their images and avail of beneficial tax structures.

We can assist clients with such registration.

In an age where dissemination of information worldwide can occur instantaneously, speed and efficiency of legal response is crucial and we can provide this for you.

We are aware of the delay, stress and costs which can result from litigation and publicity and therefore we operate a pragmatic approach to reputation and image management and often recommend mediation or arbitration for our clients in certain instances.

Our media solicitors can provide advice in the following areas;


• Agency Agreements
• Advice on Copyright
• Defamation
• Intellectual Property Infringement and Protection including Image Rights
• False Endorsement Claims
• Breach of Privacy and Misuse of Private Information
• Social Media Issues
• Sponsorship Contracts
• Endorsement & Merchandising Agreements
• Employment Contracts within the Media Sector
• Talent Representation and Advice